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Event Information

 Below are the upcoming seminar dates and locations.

If you do not see a seminar in your area, share our information with your

pastor to schedule Greg Powell for a Biblical History of Israel Seminar. 

If you live in the Colorado Springs Metro-area click on the

Events tab for upcoming seminars or Contact tab to request

additional information about scheduling Greg for a seminar at your

local church or about the next 12-week course being offered at Springs Lighthouse. 



Cost: Individuals $30/Couples $50

Includes a Study Guide and a Certificate of Completion 

Greg is also available for weekend services as a guest speaker




Day Two (6-9pm)

Israel's Captivities

Assyrian Empire

Babylonian Empire

Persian Empire

Grecian Empire

Roman Empire

Day One (6-9pm)

First Rebellion

The Fall of Man

Promise to Abraham

Jacob becomes Israel

Judges of Israel

Kings of Israel

Day Three (8:30am-3:30pm)45min Lunch

70 AD-The Fall of Jerusalem

Diaspora 70 & 132 AD

First Zionist Congress

The Rise of Adolf Hitler

Atrocities of World War II

May 14, 1948-The Return to the Promised Land

Question & Answer Session 3:30-4pm

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment
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